Reduce your dependency on expensive analog and ISDN lines, and reduce your line rental costs with comprehensive feature sets that will enhance your company’s performance and professional image.

We have partnered with Irish software engineering company Emutex to bring you state of the art voice over IP office phone systems.The VMX (Voice Media eXchange) is a private phone switching system that supports many of the communication features found in expensive corporate phone systems and when compared to traditional phone systems, will help you achieve significant cost savings in recurring phone bills, all for an affordable price.The VMX allows you to exploit broadband for phone calls and to reduce your dependency on expensive analog and ISDN lines, thus reducing your call charges and line rental costs.

We have installed VoIP phone systems for the following companies:

Rubicon Infrastructure Advisors, Dublin
Cemac Consulting Ltd., Dublin
Madison Publications, Dublin
McFar Property Consultants, Balbriggan
Third Coast Reps, Balbriggan