Take the Mobile Friendly Test.

Take the Mobile Friendly Test.

There is no doubt that the mobile-age of websites is here. With the vast majority of people accessing the web on their smart phones and other mobile devices you cannot do business without a mobile responsive website. In responsive design, the device does the work and automatically adjusts according to a device’s screen size (large or small) and orientation (landscape or portrait). It switches between these options on-the-fly.  Why is this important? Well mostly because you want your customers to be easily able to view and navigate your website on any device whether small or large.

Here are the statistics according to Smartinsights.com :

Most Popular Devices Used to Search the Internet:

  • 91% – PC/Laptop
  • 80% – Smartphone
  • 47% – Tablet
  • 37% – games Console

So, why do you need a mobile friendly website?

Well Google is changing how they decide the order of search results when people do Google searches from a mobile device. Since April 2015 sites that are mobile-friendly are more likely to rank highly on mobile devices in a Google search. This only affects smart phones by the way – not pc’s or tablets,  but mobile-friendliness is important and if you can’t do it now, you should try to do it in the near future. Google has made an announcement that they will be demoting websites that are not mobile friendly starting April 21st 2015.

Is your website mobile friendly?  Take the Google mobile friendly test and find out.