Motion Graphics

Compared to print design, which gives your audience a face-to-face impression of you, motion graphics harness the power of design and motion to tell stories and shape experiences for your audience. Through your website and social media you can reach an audience that is far wider than your immediate circle. We have many years experience in interactive media, working with Flash, Indesign, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier, so you can see that we are passionate about motion. We create animated infographics, explainer videos and animated logos. We also make animated Christmas cards for our clients to send out to their customers. If you are looking for a new way to engage your audience visually and emotionally you have come to the right place.

Its time to get your animated Christmas Card for 2017

We design fully animated Christmas cards with your logo, brand and personal message.If you are interested in ordering your Christmas card for this year give Dorothy a call at 087 232 0806 to discuss options for your business.

To see our cards in action, click on the thumbnails below.