Website Security

WordPress is already a secure platform in the way it is designed but websites can be vulnerable to many types of security threats and unfortunately they are never going to go away – in fact they will get worse.  Many website security threats are caused by security holes which can come from careless users, poor hosting configuration and poorly coded or outdated plugins or themes.

Cybercrime is big business and every criminals are developing ever more sophisticated tools to probe & compromise your website in order to use it to relay spam, probe other machines, defraud other people, or become part of a army of compromised machines that can be used to attack large businesses or sometimes even whole countries.

What should you do to ensure your website is secure?

The days of hiring somebody to design your site and then simply forgetting about it are long since gone.

You need to ensure you have an active maintenance contract with a developer who is familiar with your application and is versed in security practices to ensure your site is regularly checked and updated. If you design and maintain your own site, then you should regularly audit your code and components for security weaknesses and best practice.

At Fletcher Bentley IT & Design we do not regularly do updates for customers who do not have a maintenance contract so you must contact us if you want your site updated.

Your website is your responsibility. Fletcher Bentley IT & Design is not responsible for website vulnerabilities and a hacking attack can happen to the most secure sites but it will be much more convenient and cheaper for you to do this than pay to have your site fixed if you should be hacked.

We are offering a set price of 45 euro which includes:

  • Database backup
  • Theme update
  • Plugins update
  • Security dashboard
  • Login name change, login captcha and new password


Give us a call to discuss your website security.  If you don’t have an active security maintenance contract we do not regularly monitor your site and you could be vulnerable.