Logo Design

Logo Design

What is a logo and what makes a good logo? A logo is simply an identifying symbol that people associate with your personal brand. Today with our business content being mostly digital, logos serve a different purpose than they did traditionally, and some thought should go into how your brand is going to be displayed on all media, as well as how it will represent you in print and online.


Our Latest Project

Maad Marketing Logo Design

When Liam O’Brien contacted us to build a website and company brand for Maad Marketing we faced the challenge of not really knowing anything about targeted digital marketing, measuring footfall in shopping areas and targeting shoppers via shop window POS systems. However, the process of building a good logo is all in breaking it down into simple parts and building it up again to tell the viewer a story about the company.


We did exactly this with Maad Marketing. We knew that Liam wanted to target people through electronic communications, so we took his request literally. We created a TARGET symbol and used a letter “A” from the word Maad to form a stylized PERSON. Elongating the “A” created a TELECOMMUNICATIONS MAST.


Putting it all together creates a symbol for targeting people through electronic communications. Simple! Well, not quite. Creating a company brand takes a lot of thought and practice, but the outcome should be a clean and simple but literal symbol of the company it represents. We think we nailed it with Maad Marketing.