Congo and Cyprus Memoirs

Congo and Cyprus Memoirs

United Nations Congo and Cyprus Tour of Duty Memoirs

Client: Retired Army Veteran, Thomas Fletcher CQMS.

Job: Overseas service with the United Nations in The Congo and Cyprus memoirs with infographics depicting the events of the siege at Niemba.

It is wonderful to have a memory of one’s life achievements to look back on. It’s and even more wonderful to be able to pass your story down through the generations. We were given some old black and white pictures, some hand-drawn sketches and text, and we were let loose to do our thing with these books. To tell the story of the events in Niemba we created 3 full-page infographic illustrations. We love the colourful illustrations alongside the old black and white photos and feel that they really enhance this story and most importantly will make those historic events easy to understand for future generations.

Deliverables: 2 20 page books / image enhancment  / editorial design / 3 full page infographics.