IT Systems

We provide first-rate IT solutions and  for your business. We can help you source the best office solutions such as VoIP phones, computers, data security, office equipment…and much more.

Website & Graphic Design

We provide full website and graphic design services including logo design, business cards and brochures, which means that your business branding and online presence can be taken care of in one place, with one overall cost and no hidden extras.

Computer Products

We stock everything from HD TV's to the smallest cable and we deliver within 2 days. Talk to us about sourcing the best office hardware and software fit for your business, school or home. Call Colin at 087 362 5946 or email


Trojans, FTP, MX Records, SEO,'s all so confusing! This 'techie' terminology has become part of our everyday lives but do we really know what it means? Click here for a handy guide that we hope will help you master that jargon.